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We Are

DeliciouslyHealthy Foundation, a section 8, not-for-profit company, based out of Hyderabad with the mission of promoting healthy eating for a healthy body, mind and planet.

We believe eating deliciously healthy is every human’s fundamental right. Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goal 2 of the United Nations - the Foundation’s core activity is to support vulnerable populations of Women, Children and Infants in India.

What We Do

Vulnerable populations today exist across the socio-economic spectrum because of knowledge poverty or financial poverty. To address this - we have chosen metrics focused education and empowerment as interwoven activities to two focus groups.



Anganwadi Workers

  • Training the trainers on fundamentals of healthy  eating and living.
  • Teaching easy to make recipes with nutrition rich, locally  available ingredients.
  • Training key opinion  leaders in dry land regions on benefits of natural farming.
  • Building  awareness on dry land friendly techniques for natural farming of nutrition rich crops.

Subsistance Formers

  • Providing field level know-how and assistance in low cost, nutrition rich snack making.
  • Facilitating low cost procurements of nutrition rich, locally available food ingredients.
  • Facilitating physical and virtual networking of natural farmers for exchanging  knowledge.
  • Assisting last mile virtual market place access for commercialising their produce.

Apart from this, the Foundation team also does workshops, trainings & other knowledge sharing activities for urban populations of all demographics - Corporates, Residential communities & neighbourhoods, Schools & Colleges.

Contact Us

We are so young, we haven’t even reached the toddler stage. Per our road map - the first year is being dedicated to as many field visits as we can muster with our target populations.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, recommendations on what we can do, or wish to volunteer - please email us your thoughts with a proper introduction. You can be sure to hear from us.

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